Empisal Sewing Machine Parts

    sewing machine

  • A sewing machine is a textile machine used to stitch fabric,paper,card and other material together with thread. Sewing machines were invented during the first Industrial Revolution to decrease the amount of manual sewing work performed in clothing companies.
  • Any mechanical or electromechanical device used to stitch cloth or other material; normally uses two threads to form lock stitches
  • A machine with a mechanically driven needle for sewing or stitching cloth
  • a textile machine used as a home appliance for sewing


  • A piece or segment of something such as an object, activity, or period of time, which combined with other pieces makes up the whole
  • A component of a machine
  • (part) separate: go one’s own way; move apart; “The friends separated after the party”
  • (part) something determined in relation to something that includes it; “he wanted to feel a part of something bigger than himself”; “I read a portion of the manuscript”; “the smaller component is hard to reach”; “the animal constituent of plankton”
  • An element or constituent that belongs to something and is essential to its nature
  • the local environment; “he hasn’t been seen around these parts in years”

empisal sewing machine parts

sewing machine repair shop

sewing machine repair shop
get your hand/foot propelled sewing machines repaired here. it was also a first for me, i didn’t know such a shop existed

sewing machine

sewing machine
my grandmas old skool sewing machine. i have no idea if it still works